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(note from Lauren in 2019) My solo project is now going under the name LLYDIAN (ep coming June 2019), but before LLYDIAN was even a twinkle in my eye, I made this record. I put a tremendous amount of work into it, and am still proud of this little DIY-100%-done-on-GarageBand record. If you've listened, thank you.


You can download this for free (or pay-what-you-will), here, and at:


Lauren Oglesby: Vocals, guitars, keys, glockenspiel, kazoo, and percussion on all tracks.

Melanie Wong: Violin on "Bluebeard," "Interest," and "Say Nothing."

Ruth Bryan & Melanie Wong: vocals on "If You Must Send Me, Dear, Away."

Erin Miley: vocal recording & editing on "Fremont," "Say Nothing," "Bluebeard," and "Interest."

Casey Lembke: graphic design

All songs © Lauren Oglesby 2014


released April 23, 2014

Thanks to Melanie (bamf extreme!), Ruth (long roads & late nights), and Erin (o generous soul); Seth (lender of glockenspiels), Clark (giver of old floor toms), Casey (space penguin extraordinaire), Amy and Rob (your house is where many of these recordings began), Mom and Dad (your house is where many of these were completed), and Adrianne, Emma and Bekah (just because).


all rights reserved



LLYDIAN New Orleans, Louisiana

LLYDIAN is a new project from singer-songwriter Lauren Oglesby (The Light Set). Debut EP Interiors released on June 25th.

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Track Name: California
I'm going to go to California
I'm going to drive along the coast
I'm going to climb a redwood
and see a gold town ghost
I'm going to leave behind my home
and leave behind my kin
change my name and cut my hair
and never come back again

It's the lure of the shining cities
it's the lure of the sunny skies
the belief that I'll be different
if I escape my current life
it's probably a fantasy,
it's certainly a lie--
but when I go to California
I'm going to leave myself behind.

I'm going--
I'm gone!
Can't you see me packing up all of my boxes?
My car running with the headlights on?

I keep trying to write the perfect song
about why I want to go
the longing in my psyche
for sand between my toes
oh, I don't even know why
(or I can't quite articulate)
but I'm going to California
and it will never be too late.
Track Name: Dandelion
Dandelion, dandelion
Young, yellow and green
Go, overrun the lawn,
Nod your heads in the breeze.

Dandelion, dandelion
You are not a weed
I planted you myself one morning
Quite intentionally

My darlings, I will tend to you
My darlings, you will grow
The fairest blossoms in my yard
And everyone will know

Dandelion, dandelion
Blow away the seeds
Blow out candles on a cake
Like the wind blows away the leaves

Dandelion, dandelion
The seeds fly across the earth
Candle smoke rises up, going past
The leaves rushing downwards

My darlings, I will send you out,
As I was never sent
And promise this place will always
Be a home where you can rest

So when you go into the wide, wide world
And people try to mow you down
Just remember where you grew
And remember who loves you
And remember who is so very proud.
Track Name: Bluebeard
Red wine looks like blood
I spilled on the carpet
You started the flood
I saw what I should not

When I saw you first
I loved all the wrong things
The water is cursed
And now I am drowning

I went to go see if the stories were true
and they were there in the room
All battered and broken, with bruise upon bruise
Yes, they were there in the room
No brothers to come and no sisters to call
No keys fit the shackles I see on these walls
The stain leaches out from the room to the hall
No keys fit the shackles I see on these walls

I bleed with the moon
You drink with the sunrise
You're killing me soon
No one will be surprised.
Track Name: Beholden
you told me not to worry
but I think you did
you started throwing money around
like a big man in a film
well, if you aren't the father
I think I know who is.
I'm not sure if I love you,
but I sure as hell don't trust him

when I told you in your kitchen
I knew that I would be
forever in your perception
just a vessel full of need
I'm lucky you're a good man--
I'm grateful, but it stings
to be nothing but fertile ground
on which you rain generosity

please don't ask more questions
don't look me in the eye
just take me to the courthouse
I'll sign what they say to sign
and I'll swear to be true
if you swear to be kind.
it's a heavy sort of favor
when the balance is a life.
Track Name: A Love Song
I mustn't write a love song
for you'll think it's about you
and it isn't about you
though I may draw inspiration
If I wrote about "his" eyes-- so deeply blue they hurt--
they wouldn't be your eyes!
...though they may share certain features.
(I hope you do not mind)

I mustn't write a love song
for I'm not in love with you.
And I'm not in love with you!
It's just a foolish fascination...
If I wrote about "his" hands-- so warm against my own--
they wouldn't be your hands,
though oh! they are well-formed!
(so you see, I'm in a bind)

This could never be a love song
for nothing in it is true.
For if it were ever true, I would break in desperation!
If I wrote about your walk, about your hands, about your face
it'd show how deeply I am lost--
no, no, it must just be a turn of phrase!
For you don't respond in kind...
so, you see, I'm in a bind.
Track Name: Fremont
Do you remember? It was almost winter,
and I would walk down the hill from my job.
Walk home every weekend and think of what happened
and oh! I'd wish to God that it had not.

You told me you loved me, and I told you the truth:
That faith is not fact and that hope is not proof.

Those walks were my solace all that lonely autumn--
the color of the trees against the sky--
thinking back to the summer; you were trying to come closer
but I was only trying to walk by

You told me you loved me and I told you the truth:
That faith is not fact and that hope is not proof.
If signals were sent, I apologize.
They were inadvertent, and my eyes, they were blind!

I am walking down that hill, I don't think until
now I knew what it meant
to tell someone you love them, on a cloudy fall morning,
and to know that they'll never love you back.

He told me the same things that I told to you:
That faith is not fact and that hope is not proof.
We knock on those doors and we ask to receive
But no one can give when they do not believe.
Track Name: Interest
You may lose interest in me
You may forget the pull I held
You may begin to think of me as indifferently
as a book upon a shelf
that you've read a million times,
every word on every page.
But! You didn't comprehend
the last words were not "The End,"
And part two is on it's way...

You may lose interest in "us."
You may forget the word exists.
When we have come down from the snowy heights
and a sedentary life seems pure lazy bliss.
Well, I know we need ordinary things,
as well as all these highs and lows,
embrace this chance for us to breathe,
and then come and climb with me
onwards from this flat plateau.

You may think that this show is done
or that the curtain's going down--
but we have years left in this run,
Baby, we're just warming up!
You simply can't back down right now!
When the best is yet to come--
and babe, won't it be sweet?
You can always just ad-lib,
this play is not a one-girl gig,
don't leave!
When the best is yet to come--
I won't lose you so easily!
It may seems tedious right now,
but baby, stick around
and I'll make it interesting!
Track Name: Say Nothing
I could have touched you if I chose,
you were so close,
looking over in my direction
to suss out which way the wind blows--
when it tugs at our clothes-- a voluntary hesitation.

Well, you read the signs of my downcast eyes,
my shaking head--
and I'm glad you did.
Say nothing!

I could have loved you if I chose,
but I was too close,
too tight-fisted in my affections.
Thinking that it would save us both,
(if you would just go)
unnecessary desolation.

And I thought myself wise!
Perhaps in time,
no more regrets, no more "I wish I had..."
I wish I had not thought myself so wise, for I was not right!
And here's regret, here is:
"I wish I had said something."
Track Name: If You Must Send Me, Dear, Away
If you must send me, dear, away,
at least take me yourself!
Set me safe in some distant place
where I can't even run for help

If you must send me, dear, so far,
take me to the lonely hills
I want nobody next to me
if I can't have you there as well.

But you say I'm just a distraction
and that my proximity
completely wrecks concentration--
well, I don't know why that should be!

But, if you must send me, dear, from you,
at least kiss me goodbye--
And if you see it's hard to leave, well,
stay with me, if you like--- stay with me all my life!